Delivery: 17:00 to 23:59

Placed: 19/02/2016

Left By: Gary

Pizza were 11" not 12" as ordered and were warm on arrival and not as advertised with toppings - very dissapointing

Overall: star 1 star 2 star 3

Placed: 11/05/2015

Left By: Andrew Leckenby

3 hrs for me to finally get my order correct and after all that wait either I was too mad to eat or it was very bland. usually love this takeaway!

Overall: star 1

Placed: 18/11/2014

Left By: Dawn Roberts

Overall: star 1 star 2

Placed: 02/11/2014

Left By: Ashleigh Fletcher

Ordered 4 pizzas and milkshakes and straight away received a call saying one of the pizzas they no longer did (fair enough we ordered a different one) still paid the original higher price.. food arrived after an hour burnt and the olympus taste of greece that was ordered was a seafood pizza not suitable for a vegetarian... complained and was told they would bring me my pizza i ordered 90 mins later almost 2 and a half hours after i originally ordered i received my pizza instead of veing the FRESH spinach feta cheese and black.olives i was expecting

Overall: star 1

Placed: 27/07/2014

Left By: Simon Midgley

Fairly fast delivery with great choice. Thin pizzas are really tasty!! Try today!

Overall: star 1 star 2 star 3

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